HGI Practice Research Network

"In God we trust; all others must have data"

Dr Hank Coble - AMA

Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy is often done by specialist researchers with trials designed to meet strict criteria laid down to satisfy the research design. However, the efficacy results that emerge from such research do not necessarily translate into effectiveness in everyday practice.

A counselling and psychotherapy Practice Research Network (PRN) provides the opportunity to explore the results of therapy right from the field of everyday practice. The greater the amount of data contributed to the PRN, the more robust the findings are that emerge. The central purpose of setting up the HGI PRN is to provide a focus for research into the effectiveness of the “human givens approach” in as many diverse settings as possible.

Aims of HGI PRN 

  • To actively promote and encourage outcome informed research into effectiveness of delivery of “human givens approach” in all settings 
  • To provide a central point for collation of such research 
  • To offer guidance to therapists regarding the conducting of research 
  • To promote the concept of the “clinician researcher” 
  • To liase with other PRN’s, nationally and internationally 
  • To bring attention of research outcomes from “human givens approach” to appropriate authorities, including the Department of Health and National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

The clinician/researcher

There are many good clinical reasons to become involved in working in an outcome informed way. We wish to encourage all HG approach therapists to adopt the use of progress and outcome tools in their practice. There is much to be learned from all of our results and a lack of data is a lost opportunity.

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